Local Honey ?

  One of the things I often encounter when talking to shop owners or retailers is "we only do local honey.....and Manuka" When I ask about why this is, I mostly get told that they want to support local beekeepers, local honey is good for hay fever and that everyone wants Manuka honey because...

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Honey as a Hay-fever remedy

As a long time chronic Hay-fever sufferer, I am well acquainted with utterly disabling and misery inducing symptoms. I have tried homeopathic remedies, with varying degrees of success, dietary cures, nasal washes, barrier sprays and often resort to powerful antihistamines just to get by when i need to function, but in truth antihistamines are...

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Spring Wildflowers Portugal

Some of the lovely wildlfowers which our beautiful complex raw wildflower honey comes from......enjoy Here is a link to a wonderful site showing the wildflowers of Portugal, http://www.pbase.com/valterj/wild_flowers_ii&page=all thanks... Wildflowers Wildflowers Everywhere Spot the bee Lupins on the terraces Rosmaninho or Wild Lavender in the Cork forest.

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Raw Honey Cured ( Nitrate Free) Bacon and Pancetta - a recipe

Well honestly, who doesn't like Bacon ? even if you are a vegetarian, cooking bacon releases some of those aromatic chemical compounds that we are hard wired to respond to and get your mouth watering. So here we go lets make Bacon ! and Pancetta while we are at it. Seeing...

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