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Why Buy Our Raw Honey ?

Raw Portuguese Heritage Honey by Wild about Honey

Why Buy our Raw Honey. Aren't they all the same ?

There are an awful lot of things to commend raw honey, some of which are listed here, but what makes our honey stand out.? Why not any other raw honey ?.

Well, for starters, we personally select our range based on taste and immaculate attention to provenance followed by lab testing. Our honey is a reflection of what we like and the very best examples we can source in any given year. 13 great taste awards and more than 20 stars  in five years suggests we're doing something right...and we love doing it.

We only buy honey from master artisan beekeepers with whom we have long standing relationships and who observe the best commercial practices. For our part we are an ethical company and also pay the beekeepers more for their honey than industry and treat them with respect because we are friends not just buyers.

All our honey is tested, so not only do we guarantee that it is free from GMO's and Antibiotics but it is tested for pollen content, HMf, and hive treatment residues. 

Our honey is some of the purest and a range of the most diverse and interesting available anywhere and Portuguese raw honey has a deep and rich tradition you can  read a little more about it and us here 

Like all things Portuguese, we are generally understated but let our quality and craft speak for themselves. But why just take our word for it.? 

Over five years we've received not only plenty of reviews from happy, discerning customers but also a number of endorsements and testimonials from honey people of every hue, from collectors and connoisseurs to chefs, mead-makers and bee-keepers. A selection of which are below. 

The Collector and Connoisseur

These utterly unique honeys rank as the best I have ever tasted. American Tupelo, Kiwi Manuka, Australian Jara, Scottish Heather, and Tasmanian Leatherwood, move over! I no longer have any time for my Greek Thyme!! So completely deep, and exotic, are the kaleidoscopic flavour profiles these Portuguese honeys present, my sweet tooth has abandoned ice cream, chocolate, and hard-candy for a clearly superior force. As a wine writer, and long-time collector, I recognize an exemplary palate when I taste the evidence. Well done, Wild about Honey, don't ever become civilised!!! Dominic

The Author 

Wild About Honey's exceptional Portuguese range ranks as some of the best I've ever tasted, having now sampled honeys from more than 50 countries around the world. Reflecting the wildness of the still unspoilt Portuguese landscapes, and an ancient tradition of beekeeping. This may be the best European honey on the market.. Piers Moore Ede - Author . Honey and Dust- travels in search of sweetness 

The Chef 

"I met Rustam and Tam from Wild about Honey a few years ago at a trade show where I sampled some of their honey and was instantly blown away & speechless - hands down it is the finest honey I've ever tasted and the fact that they produce such a variety of mono-flora wild honey's is astounding. I've been using almost their entire range of honey in my kitchens ever since. I use the orange blossom honey with deep fried feta, walnuts and mint at my restaurant Flavour Bastard and also to make mead. The Mountain Honey we use for a honey-yoghurt cheesecake and the thyme honey, with a bit of oregano & garlic makes a phenomenal marinade for goat!

I couldn't recommend then honeys from Wild About Honey more - you have to try it to experience the incredibly flavour, quality and value" Pratap Chahal - Flavour Bastard Restaurant, Soho./ That Hungry Chef,- Top 5 Supperclubs in London -

The Mead Makers

 Superb honey - Just the best I have tried. This is a beautifully- presented honey, so much so that you could offer it as a gift to someone and know that they would be impressed. The delivery is listed as overnight and in my experience it really is just that. However, the taste of the honey is probably the most important thing because as a mead-maker, I know that for good mead you need to start with good honey. I have to say that in my ten years’ experience I have never tasted better than this, or even close. The fact that it is raw and cold-pressed practically guarantees the gloriously rich bouquet which it offers. I love this honey and I am certain that I will be ordering more of this superb product and probably quite soon. Alan Russell - Meadmaker . Edinburgh. Scotland

About 30 years ago I kept bees myself, although the honey was good, it did not compare to Portuguese honey.
Being a maker of quality Mead, I want the best quality raw honey, and this is it, without a doubt.
I have made over 60 gallons of mead this year, the results are outstanding.
I want to send a great big THANK YOU, to the team at Wild About Honey, for all their hard work in sourcing these very fine honeys. One very happy customer.
Eric. Scarecrow mead.

The Long Time Customer

Absolutely LOVE these raw honeys! Not only do they taste amazing but they  fill my heart with joy knowing their history and journey. I always look forward to receiving, they make me feel so good, and I honestly think they are the best I ve tasted!   Thing of note also is their packaging which makes a real statement and shows  how much love and care is invested in these precious jars!  

Cannot recommend them highly enough, wonderful gifts too, little pots of Gold 
Marianne Gunn O'Connor- Marianne has been a customer since we first started 5 years ago

The Beekeeper

 I am in love with all your honeys! The carob is king. First jar was gone very quick. Beyond rich of any honey. The strawberry tree i take every morning and have never gotten sick this winter with all friends getting colds around me. Heather is complex. The best to eat off the spoon with different textures melting into different flavors. Thyme i love. My favorite for yogurt or mixing with tahini. Thank you so very much for doing this sharing of bees gifts around the world. It is a blessing to find this beautiful medicine. Will be ordering more soon :) Maka Alexander - High desert beekeeper . Sedona. Arizona

Last but not Least - Your Good Health

Many of you but Raw Honey for its health benefits and below are just a couple of unsolicited testimonials from customers who have found the honey useful and potent for their health challenges.

"I was given a jar of Thyme honey by a good friend, after having a major operation last Christmas, I’m convinced this contributed to my full recovery. I was told about the antibiotic properties of Arbutus, which I took daily for about 3 weeks, and the serious infection I caught cleared up. I was totally amazed by the results, taste and quality, this left me wanting to try more.
Each one I tried, became my favourite, each honey is unique, and the flavours are incredible. I’m totally hooked.
I still cannot choose between them. I challenge anyone to find a favourite !!"
"What can I say! This stuff is amazing. I can't say I'm a great fan of the taste although it is strangely moreish just on its own, but I don't buy honey for the flavour. I use honey for its magical healing qualities on my recurrent tonsillitis. This amazing stuff does what no conventional treatments seem to be able to do, it fixes me! I can't praise it enough. The service from wild about honey is also second to none. I'm so glad I came across this wonderful company, words can't express how grateful I am."
"Eucalyptus honey must be the best healer ...for 10 days I struggled to heal an injury on the corner of my mouth following some lengthy dental treatment. It would reopen every time I ate. I tried everything, every ointment ...calendula, sudocream...you name it, nothing worked.Two days with a dab of Eucalyptus it was healed, a noticeable improvement after one day...incredible!"
"Your carob honey is just amazing! A shetland pony trod on my bare foot and tore the skin up into a grazed flap of about 1 cm (no blood drawn). I put arnica cream on the bruised area and carob honey on the torn area. After a couple of hours the raw area was looking like a healing brown patch and several hours later there was no trace of it ever having been damaged except a very very faint tinge of pink. I thought I was looking at the wrong foot! By morning all that was visible was the remains of the bruise. Absolutely astonishing!"