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Dear Friends,

it can't have escaped anyone on this planet that there is a hugely infectious pandemic around and that much of the advice is of course public health advice with regard to minimizing exposure to yourself and to others potentially more vulnerable.

The other and equally important dimension to this is keeping your personal immunity and that of your family robust.

Mental health.

The first thing is catch up on sleep, very little helps more than catching up on your typically sleep deprived self. Typically (according to an NIMH  study) most people take about two weeks to restore this sleep deficit. Rest as much as your body needs and when it wants.

Sleeping sufficiently will also restore your adrenals( and kidney chi) and balance out your hormonal and autonomic nervous system. Get out of fight/flight/freeze mode and back to balance. Chronic stress will keep you in fight/flight/freeze mode and exhaust you. Remember most of your metabolic repair processes occur while you are asleep.

If you have a meditation practice or practice something meditative like gardening so much the better. Do more. Your thoughts or stress will diminish your immune responses worse than most things. As Edgar Cayce said "why worry when you can pray". It really amounts to using your mind and faculties in a different way. A healthier way altogether. Keep your humour, even if you are unwell. Do not believe your chronic fear and anxiety, even if they seem warranted, for they are not your friends and they will not help you. Spread love instead.

Pranayama, yogic breathing practices, Chi-Kung, Tai-chi, Nei gung, are all invaluable for creating the conditions of health and strengthening your capacity to deal with pathogens in an appropriate manner.

Medicinal Health

In terms of supplements/ powerful natural anti-virals, use Propolis, you can buy it tinctured or get the raw stuff and tincture it in alcohol yourself. ( will take a couple of weeks). Olive leaf extract is also another powerful anti viral.

Vitamins A Palmitate ( a very bioavailable form) , high doses of Vitaminc C and D. ( get in the sun, as much as possible). As much fresh food as possible given the constraints of supply. Vitamin D and A are powerful hormones which have a profound ability to support and regulate and strengthen your immune system. Sunshine, fresh food, clean and plentiful spring water.

Herbs and Foods

Steam inhalation with essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus, and camphor or menthol.

If you have access to herbs like Osha Root, or plantain ( not the fruit) herbs with specific compounds for lung health make excellent teas, also don't forget the classic lemon/ honey/ginger tea. 

Fermented foods and pickles are amazing, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Yoghurt, Kefir, are all excellent for your gut health/ microbiome, ( the repository of your immune system-responsible for 80% of your immune system). These are super-easy to make at home and ready in a few days. You can have fun with this too, and do it with your kids (and keep them occupied.)

Lastly Raw Arbutus honey, which also has specific compounds which are beneficial for lung health, general immunity and much besides.

Alcohol - Try not to drink or else minimize consumption, Alcohol plays havoc with you immune response and general hormonal and immune system health.


I am adding this section which I edited out when I first published because it is a subject which has become so politicized and propagandized that it is now a case of an idiotic polarization of you either being Vax or Anti-Vax, for which read science/anti-science. Only people with a vested interest in squashing real discussion or the emergence of knowledge create these kind of simple dichotomies. The Salk vaccine did eliminate polio, and the eradication of smallpox by vaccination were both undoubted successes. ( neither of these were live attenuated vaccines and were given singly)  The current advice to stay indoors and socially isolate has a benign social and epidemiological purpose, to stop transmission. This is fine. But unaccompanied by real health advice, and I cannot stress this enough, is hugely incomplete, there is big difference between fighting disease and creating the conditions for health. We have become addicted to a kind of idiotic thinking where we simply see pathological conditions as somehow an invisible malign agent from the outside which must be terminated or killed with some kind of pharmaceutical cure. People don't die from Viruses, they die from an un-calibrated immune response by your own body with a compromised immune system. Every human is broadly the same but functionally, we are quite a spectrum, there is no one size fits all solution, vaccines are no exception and if you give them to someone already compromised you will do them harm. Vaccines are also poorly functioning agents which try and incite an immune response from your adaptive immune system, they can compromise your Microbiome, neural and interferon systems and crucially your own ability to fight illness. We now have live attenuated, poorly tested vaccines, often multiple vaccines given at the same time to children and infants. To aid their efficacy adjuvants like aluminium and mercury are added. Remember that when you give someone a vaccine, you are giving them a dose of an illness, one may be OK for a moderately functioning immune system to deal with, many all at once can simply create chaos in the human body. Not to mention the fact that they are poorly tested and never tested together. Please Consider this. Politically and commercially they are expedient and profitable and I have no doubt that i the not too distant future, mandatory vaccinations will be linked to all kinds of social access. Will we all be obliged to take a corona virus vaccine when it emerges? Possibly, and if that is successful it will be a model for future public health policy. Not a future I personally welcome.

In the meantime look after yourself and those you love and anyone else who needs a little help. Stay well, keep loving, keep your humor and remember that despite the grief and despair, in the fullness of time, with patience and courage, this too will pass.

love to all. xR

  • Post author
    rustam engineer
  • boosting immunitycoronaviruscovid-19immunitynatural healthnatural remedies for viral infectionspandemicviruswellness

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  • Dec 05, 2023

    " The Salk vaccine did eliminate polio "

    This is of course complete and utter nonsense.
    Not only is polio still a major problem, The WHO have data from mass vaccination where the vast majority of polio sufferers were the ones receiving the polio vaccine. You really should avoid such statements.

    — Andrushka Gadomsky

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