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  • Great Taste Awards 2022
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    rustam engineer

Great Taste Awards 2022


This year we decided to enter 2 of our honeys which we felt were a little special this season; our beautiful Oak-rich Serra da Estrela honey and our new Madeiran Laurissilva Cloud Forest Honey.

The judges at Great Taste seemed to share our opinion and saw fit to award stars to both of them. To the judges, Thank you for your continued appreciation of our beautiful artisan honeys.

Our Serra Da Estrela Mountain honey won 2 stars ( having already won One star in a previous year) 

The Laurissilva Cloud Forest honey from Madeira won 1 star. ( Its only a matter of time before this unique honey enjoys a wider audience.)

Some of the judges comments are below.

The Serra Da Estrela:

This honey had a lovely acidity and a plum-like sweetness. We really loved the syrupy mouthfeel and while we couldn't detect any subtle truffle flavour, we really enjoyed it.

Beautiful, gelled texture and nut-brown hue. Caramel richness, savoury notes, flavours of dried fig, raisins. So complex. Loads of character - even Christmas pudding notes. A delight.

This honey has a thick, unctuous consistency and a pleasingly warm, dark chestnut colouring. The product has earthy tones which are well balanced by a bouquet of floral notes. There is some complexity, but this fades fairly quickly.

Attractively presented, this honey has an inviting caramel colour and aroma. The honey is luscious with flowery toffee notes and a thick texture. 

The Laurissilva Cloud Forest honey

This honey looks enticing with its golden treacle colour and aromatic bouquet. It has a depth of flavour with floral caramel notes which transport you to north Madeira.

Pleasing nutty colour.  Rich intensity of flavour with mango and a touch of leathery savouriness/salinity. Wonderfully layered and complex.

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    rustam engineer

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