2022 - Into the Cloud Forest with a Silver Lining

I know that we are we are merely simple honey sellers but after the collective psychotic episode, utterly disastrous, public health car-crash, technocratic fronted, billionaire coup, of the last two years which has caused so much suffering to so many,  it's hard to find anything particularly cheery to write about or to pretend in some Pollyanna fashion that things are OK in any way whatsoever. Still for those of us still in good health and work or business, we are still amongst the more fortunate. Let us hope we have reached an inflexion point and that sanity and perspective make a welcome return to all of our lives. 

So with a sense of proportion firmly intact, I would like to humbly introduce our newest offering; Raw Laurissilva Cloud Forest honey from the Island of Madeira. A rare bit of good news, well for us at least.


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Sao Vicente, Madeira

Madeira for those who don't know is part of a tiny archipelago a few hundred miles west of Morocco and about twice that distance south of Portugal. The main island, Madeira, which means "wood", is a sub tropical island which is home to the last remaining Laurissilva Cloud forest which once covered prehistoric Europe (and now a UNESCO world heritage site). An old growth primary forest, much of it inaccessible filled with ancient Laurel trees and tropical flowers.

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Bee on Passion Flower

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Indigenous Madeiran Orchid

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Beehives of Sr. Viera

Sitting on the wild North shore of the Atlantic coast is the village of Sao Vicente, which reaches up to the very edges of the forest, and it is here that Mr. Viera has a modest number of hives which produce a most wonderful and rare honey. It is dark and rich, both malty and fruity and seems to lend itself to every kind of usage. I have no doubt that this extraordinary honey is not only delicious but probably has excellent healing properties.

Needless to say this honey is rare and made in small quantities and will not be found anywhere else in the UK. We have only about 600 kilos of two of the very best batches made this year. So despite all the Brexit hurdles, supply chain difficulties and all else, we really believe this Cloud Forest honey is worth the effort. It is unabashedly pricey, for any number of reasons, but for all that we bring it to you at a price as fair as every other honey we source. 

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Raw Laurissilva Cloud forest Honey by Wild about Honey

We think it would make a beautiful gift for any lover of honey as it is unquestionably a bit special. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. 

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