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Anti Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are both owned by the most reprehensible, criminal, predatory and immoral people whose practices we simply can't condone, Regardless of how many times marketing experts tell us that they are vital to our survival in the crowded marketplace. I personally feel that Facebook has had the most corrosive effect on society and discourse, its practices are so predatory and even nihilistic that to even hold your nose and participate is no longer an option.

This is the standard bearer of Surveillance capitalism, Remember the maxim " if its free, you are the product". Their business model is the minute analysis of every aspect of your existence, and the monetization of it. They will sell your info ( and all their black box analytics of it) to anyone who pays them. They have been attempting to redefine the notion of privacy from day one. They have made your children insecure and neurotic dopamine addicts and are destroying their capacity for creativity, imagination and empathy.  What could have been a great enterprise in human connection and discourse has turned into something monstrous.

Now, after nearly a year and half of the most appalling censorship where any debate or presentation of evidence about public health matters is effectively quashed, this disgusting corporation has now decided to be the arbiters and guardians of our "health".!!!!  Words fail me. The hypocrisy is epic.

We are completely abandoning this Orwellian CIA funded enterprise.

(Google are certainly worse than facebook with regard to surveillance capitalism, but much harder to dispense with as their presence on the web is so ubiquitous.)

Owing to the fact that I deleted my personal account, they will no longer permit me to even login to our business page. So the historical record of our FB page will continue to exist on it's servers. In the meantime if you want some of the best honey money can buy from a company that still knows right from wrong and good from evil, who wont pester you with endless emails and whose only use for your info is to put an address label on your order, you have found the right place.

Goodbye FB and Instagram. A better world awaits.


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    rustam engineer

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