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  • Wound healing with Raw Arbutus Honey
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Wound healing with Raw Arbutus Honey

She rushed into the kitchen, blood all over her hand, slightly faint and sat down on the floor. Tam is a gardener and landscaper, not fearful of moving huge rocks, even up and down slopes. Sometimes, fortunately not very often, the rock has it's say. In this case a nasty smashed finger, both flesh and skin torn off in an ugly gouge even through a glove. We cleaned it with iodine and then dressed it with raw arbutus honey. For the first few days, we changed the dressing every day and after a week, once every two or three days. In just over two weeks, the results are beautiful. No stitches, no drugs, no creams. Wound healing with just a little iodine to clean and Raw Arbutus honey and bandages. Now it's back to the garden..

Pic 1 May 28th, Pic 2 June 4th, Pic 3 June 12th.

finger healed with honey 1june the 4th_ finger healed with raw honeyfinger healedRaw Arbutus honey by Wild about Honey


  • Post author
    rustam engineer

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  • Apr 26, 2024

    This honey is just amazing,I take it during the winter months,I add it to fresh ginger tea.great delivery and price.

    — Lorraine

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