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  • Great Taste Success 2016
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Great Taste Success 2016

great taste awards

It's August again which means its results time at the Great Taste Awards         When your business is much a labour of love as anything else, especially when business entails all the contemporary state sponsored paperwork drudgery like record keeping, tax returns and book-keeping, it's certainly nice to get validated once in a while, 

After our modest entry and success last year, we seem to have done a little better this year. This beautiful crop of Algarvian and Alentajana honeys picked up 8 stars between them. Three honeys, including our new 2016 Heather, sunflower and Raspberry won 2 Gold Stars and Carob and Orange Blossom won 1 star. (for Carob a second successive win ).

Our new Heather and Raspberry honey from the Alentejo, (exclusive to us- there isn't anymore to be found anywhere as this was the total harvest of one of our beekeepers( and similarly for the Raspberry honey), invited comments from Great Taste judges like:

About the Raw Heather Honey

"A smokiness on the nose as if there had been a little fire in the heather!
Extraordinary on the palate: heather on the tongue, uncloying sweetness -
almost a citrus note underneath, A little sappy, in a good way." " The colour of this honey is other worldly....almost like a pink night sky.
Wonderful rich heather tones that deliver length and depth of flavour. Lovely."

About the Raw Raspberry:Honey

"A very interesting thick chunky honey. Definitely fruity and fragrant. "
" Fabulous flavour. Long lasting taste." " A bold aroma, quite granular with a hint of wax. There is a good fruit complexity and a melting sweetness."
" A rich fruity flavour, pleasing honey"

About the Sunflower Honey:

"Looks gorgeous with an amazing sunny colour. Smells clean and delivers a full on mouthful of pure honey.
A lovely buttery flavour."
"No graininess in the texture. A great example of its type. A sunny yellow colour. "
"There is a creaminess of nut coming through and a note of sunflower seed on the palate."
"All together the flavour deliver a sweet seediness but not a floral element. A very complex honey."

Our new award winning Sunflower and Raspberry have just been taken in the last week so they are incredibly fresh and will be up in the first week of September.
If you order soon, you may even be quick enough to experience them in their un-crystallized form, which does not last very long.


About the Orange Blossom:

"Pale golden honey, fragrant and floral.  Tastes smooth and very moreish.  
Judges loved this and all went back for more! We particularly like the clarity and viscosity.
Just the ticket on your breakfast toast or on yogurt." "Very light on the nose, on the palate there is a vibrancy of fresh petals, sparkly and then quite short - there is a delicate sweetness."

As for the Carob, our most popular honey, it needs no introduction...

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