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At Wild about Honey we personally hand-source and supply the best, 100 % Raw, Unfiltered, Cold-Extracted, Sustainably Produced and Ethically Traded honeys available in Europe today. But dont just take our word for it, see what those in the know are saying about these honeys. .. You may find cheaper, but you wont find better.

9 Mono-floral varieties including very rare and medicinal types. including Carob, Arbutus bitter honey, Thyme, Eucalyptus Portuguese Heather, Wild Lavender, Orange Blossom, Wild flower and Sunflower (in season).

Retailers: Terms: Min order 1 case , 24 jars mixed as you like.and thereafter in multiples of 12.

Price: £5.45 per 500g jar. Case cost £130.80 delivered.

Shipping: free and mostly next day via courier. Payment: via BACS

See What those in the know say about our honey....

The Beekeeper: I am in love with all your honeys! The carob is king. First jar was gone very quick. Beyond rich of any honey. The strawberry tree i take every morning and have never gotten sick this winter with all friends getting colds around me. Heather is complex. The best to eat off the spoon with different textures melting into different flavors. Thyme i love. My favorite for yogurt or mixing with tahini. Thank you so very much for doing this sharing of bees gifts around the world. It is a blessing to find this beautiful medicine. Will be ordering more soon :) Maka Alexander - High desert beekeeper . Sedona. Arizona

The Mead Maker: Superb honey - Just the best I have tried. This is a beautifully- presented honey, so much so that you could offer it as a gift to someone and know that they would be impressed. The delivery is listed as overnight and in my experience it really is just that. However, the taste of the honey is probably the most important thing because as a mead-maker, I know that for good mead you need to start with good honey. I have to say that in my ten years’ experience I have never tasted better than this, or even close. The fact that it is raw and cold-pressed practically guarantees the gloriously rich bouquet which it offers. I love this honey and I am certain that I will be ordering more of this superb product and probably quite soon. Alan Russell - Meadmaker . Edinburgh. Scotland

The Author and Honey Connoisseur: Wild About Honey's exceptional Portuguese range ranks as some of the best I've ever tasted, having now sampled honeys from more than 50 countries around the world. Reflecting the wildness of the still unspoilt Portuguese landscapes, and an ancient tradition of beekeeping. This may be the best European honey on the market.. Piers Moore Ede - Author . Honey and Dust- travels in search of sweetness

Wild about honey is sold by quality independent wholefood shops and delicatessens across the UK including Bumblebee, Portobello Wholefoods, Eighth Day Co-op, Laportes, Plawhatch Farm, Ganesha wholefoods, and many others.


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