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Every Year ( except for Last year) we submit some or all of our honeys to the prestigious Great Taste Awards, This year we submitted 6 honeys, 4 of which won awards and our Wildflower and Heather honey won the highly coveted 3 Star Award. We are honoured and delighted. Our Wild Lavender honey also picked up a Star as well the Mighty Arbutus, which already has a loyal and steadfast following for its healing properties as well as its lovely bitter caramel flavour.

2022 Marks 10 years of Wild about Honey. This premium range of personally selected rare and wonderful Greek honeys has been curated to bring you the very best of Greek honey. Needless to say, all our honeys are free from GMO's ,antibiotics, contaminants and are unpasteurized and as raw as when they were extracted from the hive. We take special pride in this range as it is the culmination of ten years of tasting and selecting the very best that mother nature has to offer. As with our award winning Portuguese range, all our honey is personally sourced and fairly traded. You will find medicinal honeys, incredibly rare honeys and honeydew honeys any of which would make a wonderful gift ( even to yourself).

Our complete Great Taste Award Winning range of outstanding premium, Raw unfiltered, artisan made, pure honeys from the pristine ecology of Portugal. Guaranteed free from GMO's, antibiotics, and contaminants. Personally sourced and ethically traded. A true distillation of the flowers of Portugal brought to you by master artisan beekeepers and natures greatest alchemist; the humble honeybee. 


Time honoured and traditionally used potent honeys for health and healing. We make no therapeutic claims but Avicenna, Democritus, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Paracelsus and the Sage Agastya cant all be wrong...