Our first tentative entry at the Great Taste Awards resulted in two out of four honeys we submitted winning Gold Stars; The highly aromatic and complex Portuguese Heather and the Peerless, Rich Carob Honey. We are delighted at this recognition but and are inspired to do better next year...

Five of our honeys picked up Great Taste Awards this year. The New heather, Raspberry and Sunflower won 2 stars. Carob and orange Blossom 1 star each,

Raw Raspberry and Sunflower honey are both available in limited quantities and for a short period at the end of summer. Truly the essence of summer sunshine distilled into two exquisite honeys,

Every year at the end of summer most of the new season stock  gets added to the existing honey we have. This year severe weather, particularly drought and wildfires throughout Portugal have meant that many producers have struggled and we have had to find new bee-keepers to provide us with the best quality we can find. Some of these are quite different to what you may be used to and so we'd like to give you the opportunity to try them as distinct new honeys in their own right. We hope you enjoy them, we think they are all the very best examples of what is available.

Because all these Honeys have been harvested within the last few months, they are still runny. For those of you who prefer this, now is the time to stock up before they eventually crystallize

The newest additions to our range of wonderful honeys. Raw Serra da Estrela Moutain Honey and Raw Chestnut Honey. Smooth and Rich tree honeys from the Forests of the North of Portugal

O mercado do mel- the honey market by wildabouthoney

Picture this, you are in sunny tranquil Portugal, it's market day and the Mediterranean sun is out for the day set against a pristine blue sky, all around you are stalls peopled by local farmers and small producers you're surrounded by fresh local ripe peaches, avocados, tomatoes, sweet pink onions, fresh eggs in baskets, almonds in season, and wild herbs, and then you spot some gleaming golden jars of honey, sometimes with labels, sometimes in old coffee jars, Small batches of honey which are produced by hobby beekeepers for whom making a little honey is simply a part of their of their time honoured self sufficiency. This is their excess, a little to sell. A title we get to share in. It's a vision of an older gentler and more honest world. We've always wanted to somehow convey or bring to you the magic of this experience. to bring a little bit of the joy of sweet, sweet Portugal to you, wherever you are. This is something we've always wanted to share and it provides much needed cash to small farmers who still care for the land for the rest of us,and also we just love doing it.

The honeys that will be sold here are typically the output of small non-commercial beekeepers or else small batches of rare honey from larger producers which will never be sold commercially, perhaps only locally . They are not available in shops ( we simply don't have enough to sell) We only have a few jars and once they are gone, they really are gone,  

 These Honeys are very unusual,rare and of exceptional benefit. There is also a very limited quantity of each per harvest and they are hard to find. 

Some of out producers are no longer able to produce enough quantity or have had problems producing this year. These particular honeys will not be sold again and this is the last of our stock.
Our complete range of outstanding mono-floral, raw, unfiltered, artisan made, pure honeys from the pristine ecology of southern Portugal
Honeys from summer flowers,  a sweet reminder of a mediterranean summer to see you through the chilly autumn months....
Unique Eco Friendly Gifts for Honey Lovers and Everyone else... selections of award winning honeys, pollen, Azores tea, hand-carved Heather wood spoons presented in unique hand carved cork oak  burl bowls. We dislike the waste created by excessive packaging, so we opted to make the packaging part of the gift itself. The cork bowl is the ultimate utilitarian, recyclable, multi functional and beautiful packaging we could come up with.
Time honoured and traditionally used potent honeys for health and healing. We make no therapeutic claims but Avicenna, Democritus, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Paracelsus and the Sage Agastya cant all be wrong...