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Raw Carob Honey


Wild about Honey

Raw Carob Honey


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Raw Carob honey is out of stock and may be so for some time. An extremely hot dry and late summer ruined the harvest. There is a small possibilty there may be some early next year if conditions are clement but in the meantime we urge you to try our new Serra de Estrela Mountain honey, which is also a rich dark, smooth and complex honey.

100% Raw, cold-extracted, unfiltered, pure Carob Honey known by the Portuguese as Alfarroba or Alfarrobeira (carob tree). This is an almost black, dark, chocolaty,malty honey with a wonderful thick smooth texture. Carob honey is also incredibly high in antioxidants, minerals and antibacterial properties.

Carob honey has been anciently known since before biblical times and greatly prized (for good reason) it is also rare and limited as it comprises less than 5% of the total honey harvest and is very difficult to source,

We have tried hard to locate the best Raw Carob honey we can find. This version is made by bees kept by Tio (uncle) Antonio who is now  a spritely 73 years old and has been keeping bees for 50 years in the central Algarve. A master of his craft.

The Carob tree or Seratonia Siliqua flowers in the autumn and is well loved by the bees. When the Carob tree is in flower it hums with the sounds of all the wild pollinators, especially honey bees.

Unlike many tree honeys, which are  honeydew honeys -( honey made by bees foraging on aphid secretions (Oak for example) Carob honey is a tree honey made from flower nectar, and also on the sevretions of aphids on the fruit pods making it a honeydew honey as well, which is why Raw Carob honey shares many of the characteristic of the carob fruit pod which is very rich in minerals and vitamins and a complete food.

We don't know of any other honey quite like this. 

When you taste it and also experience its healing effects, we think you'll understand why Carob is King.

Quite simply the Best Carob Honey Available. Accept no imitators...


6 KG - 10 KG - 10% 

10.5- 23.5 KG - 15% -

24 KG  - 20% 

please call or email us for a discount code if you wish to make a bulk purchase. Thanks

You may find cheaper raw honey than ours, but you wont find better...