O Mercado do Mel - The Honey Market

UPDATE 2019: The Mercado will be returning soon this autumn with new additions.

Picture this, you are in sunny tranquil Portugal, it's market day and the Mediterranean sun is out for the day set against a pristine blue sky, all around you are stalls peopled by local farmers and small producers you're surrounded by fresh local ripe peaches, avocados, tomatoes, sweet pink onions, fresh eggs in baskets, almonds in season, and wild herbs, and then you spot some gleaming golden jars of honey, sometimes with labels, sometimes in old coffee jars, Small batches of honey which are produced by hobby beekeepers for whom making a little honey is simply a part of their of their time honoured self sufficiency. This is their excess, a little to sell. A title we get to share in. It's a vision of an older gentler and more honest world. We've always wanted to somehow convey or bring to you the magic of this experience. to bring a little bit of the joy of sweet, sweet Portugal to you, wherever you are. This is something we've always wanted to share and it provides much needed cash to small farmers who still care for the land for the rest of us,and also we just love doing it.

The honeys that will be sold here are typically the output of small non-commercial beekeepers or else small batches of rare honey from larger producers which will never be sold commercially, perhaps only locally . They are not available in shops ( we simply don't have enough to sell) We only have a few jars and once they are gone, they really are gone,